Nutrition Sciences N.V.- where science meets practice

Nutrition Sciences N.V. is a Belgian private company (16 collaborators) and is well known for its R&D activities in the feed – food chain and spends much attention to the introduction of novel – mainly nutritional - technologies for its customers.

Know how - generated by Nutrition Sciences N.V. in different kinds of research projects - is further promptly implemented and validated in Europe and beyond.

Actually, the work done by Nutrition Sciences N.V. was the basis for different successful innovations and resulted for the Nuscience group as a laureate for “Enterprise of the year 2009”, based on its innovation power, internationalisation and entrepreneurship. Some novel sustainable bioactive compounds are developed by Nutrition Sciences N.V.

Nutrition Sciences N.V. is a significant contributor in a number of European and Belgian research projects. At the moment, Nutrition Sciences N.V. is involved as a partner or WP leader in several FP7 projects, and as a member of the industrial platform in two FP7 projects. In some projects, Nutrition Sciences N.V. is also involved in dissemination and demonstration activities.